Silky Shoemaker, artist/performer/organizer/gaybigaygay
SILKY SHOEMAKER/ artist statement

i am a multi-media artist and performer. i make work that explores personal identity and the position of “outsider” in proximity to established social structures. these identities are explored through real and fantastical realms, employing a theatrical hand-built aesthetic that comes to life in sculpture, painting, costume, performance and video.

as a queer activist and community organizer, i am interested in how we know each other-- our solitude and company, our sorrows and epic joys, and the spaces between. pulled equally from an upbringing in musical theater and my experience as a DIY advocate, i strive to create magical environments and creatures using cheap, accessible, recycled materials.
i am currently hard at work building the world’s first and fabulous “gay wax museum” !